There is a payment by meters only for electricity and water in most residential complexes on the sea coast of. At the moment the rates are as follows:

  • 0.2 lev(0.1 euros) per 1 kWh - daily
  • 0.11 lev per 1kW/h - night
Water and sewerage
  • 2.4-3.5 lev(1.2-1.75 euros) per 1 cubic meter

Payment for garbage collection and annual property tax is carried out once a year, the cost is from 15 to 150 euros per year, depending on the cadastral value of the apartment.

Heating is available only in the big cities of Bulgaria and in the north of the country. In the southern resorts in the winter season, you can heat the apartments with electric convectors or make a "warm floor" during the repair.

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