In addition to the obvious advantages (life on the sea coast at the foot of picturesque mountains, fresh air, good ecology and beautiful nature), living in Bulgaria has many more advantages.

The first of them is a mild warm climate, very comfortable, close to the Mediterranean in the south of Bulgaria. Here, European winters with temperatures above zero and warm summers without sweltering heat. Summer is the height of a beach holiday, autumn is the velvet season. In the north of Bulgaria, winters are frosty, which provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy ski resorts and winter active pastime.

The second advantage is that Bulgaria is one of the safest countries in Europe to live and do business.

The third advantage is the absence of a language barrier. The Bulgarian language and alphabet are consonant with Russian and Ukrainian, and almost all Bulgarians understand our visiting Slavs. All signs and names are readable and understandable. Learning Bulgarian is also not difficult.

And we also have a lot in common with the Bulgarians - the Orthodox religion, holidays and mentality. Therefore, living here, you will feel at home, among "their own".

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