Buying an apartment in Bulgaria

The number of Ukrainians and citizens of other countries who want to buy an apartment in Bulgaria at a favourable price in terms of European standards is constantly increasing. This trend became especially noticeable in 2022, and according to experts, demand will continue to increase throughout the 2023 season.

There are few truly heavenly places on the planet for permanent residence and recreation, as in the colourful Balkan region with unique nature.If desired, the future owner of the property can make a choice in favour of amazing beaches by purchasing an object on the seashore, in the foothills with amazing landscape, in large cities, resort areas, a calm, quiet village.

Customers of Just Balkan Property who managed to use the services of professionals to buy an apartment in Bulgaria noted in their reviews the opportunity to buy affordable housing and attractive climatic conditions .

The real estate market is attractive to most potential buyers with a wide range of proposals for the type of development, the natural conditions of a certain region of the country, favorable pricing conditions by European standards, and developed transport and social infrastructure.

The main criteria for choosing an apartment in Bulgaria are invariably several factors:

  • location in the mountains or by the sea is especially appreciated by fans of outdoor activities;
  • the possibility of choosing real estate in a new building or on the secondary market;
  • the purpose of the purchase is permanent residence, seasonal holidays, renting out the object;
  • Apartments in the cities on the Black Sea coast are in great demand - Varna, Burgas, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands.

Prices of apartments in Bulgaria

Several points determine the amount of investment that a future homeowner in the sunny Balkan country will have to make. To begin with, let's determine the average cost per 1 m2, depending on the class of real estate and other related factors:

  • relatively inexpensive, you can buy a cozy and comfortable apartment in a standard house. In this case, a square meter will cost you around 300 euros;
  • apartments in residential complexes with security services, special places for recreation, parking lots and swimming pools increase the cost per unit area to 700-900 €;
  • about 1000 euros per 1m2 - the purchase price of luxury housing with an increased level of living comfort in the most prestigious regions.

To a frequent question of our company's clients - how much do apartments in Bulgaria cost at the moment, we always give an answer, taking into account which option of real estate you prefer. There is a certain difference in price offers for the purchase of a new building that has just been put into operation, the purchase of an object at the

construction stage directly from the developer, and the acquisition on the secondary market.

More detailed information can be obtained from the managers of Just Balkan Property in the course of individual communication with specialists who use a huge database of the most current offers on the Bulgarian housing market.

Benefits of buying an apartment at Just Balkan Property

Making a transaction for the purchase / sale of an apartment in Bulgaria as a real estate object is beneficial both in terms of moving to permanent residence, and for relaxing surrounded by magnificent nature, and for commercial purposes. In addition, the following important nuances should be mentioned:

  1. The homeowner has no restrictions on staying in the country for up to 6 months, and pensioners are entitled to receive a permanent residence permit.
  2. Buying for seasonal leisure allows you to rent out property with a guarantee of a stable income.

There is a huge selection of premium, standard and budget apartments on the official website of Just Balkan Property and  it is presented by objects in all regions of the country .

Common to all positions in the catalog - complete readiness for living without the need to deal with the improvement and repair of premises.

We guarantee that you will live in a house made of quality building materials, modern layout and design, location that meets your wishes, and connected communication networks.