Real estate in Pomorie

Real estate in Pomorie has been in great demand for many years due to its mild climate and developed infrastructure. The resort is located 10 km away from Bourgas International Airport and can be reached by car in 10 minutes. Pomorie is known far beyond the borders of Europe, there are balneological centers with mud treatment and salt baths. The town itself is surrounded by Lake Pomorie and the clean, clear sea. Real estate specialists of Just Balkan Property will help you to buy housing here.

Features of Pomorie

Pomorie is a resort town in Bulgaria, located on a rocky coast. It is only 20 km away from Bourgas and 18 km away from Sunny Beach. Buying real estate and renting apartments here is very popular. The town attracts with its unique therapeutic muds and spa tourism. Pomorie is an ideal place for a relaxing vacation, which also offers treatment and outdoor walks. The bay is ideal for boat trips, fishing, yachting and other sports.

Pomorie has everything you need for life and a comfortable vacation for the whole family. The town is often called "Bulgarian golf paradise", also here you can afford wine tourism and visit wine cellars with folklore programs. The cost of local goods and services is affordable unlike many resort towns in Bulgaria, and this is another reason to buy real estate in Pomorie.

Choice of real estate in Pomorie

You can buy an inexpensive apartment in Pomorie both in new buildings and on the "secondary" market. If you do not plan to live permanently in Pomorie, you can rent your property to tourists. The popularity of the resort and the presence of a constant flow of tourists can provide you with an additional source of income. Housing here has its own peculiarities:

  • The old town consists of houses, apartment complexes with swimming pools. You can see how the city has changed over time by walking along the promenade and the central streets covered with cobblestones. The newest buildings, built between 2010 and 2019, surround the paneled houses. Many apartment buildings have elevators to help people with disabilities to live and get around. In some homes, the roof can be adapted to install pools, sun loungers and sunbathing;
  • New Town is known for its luxury complexes. The whole area lies on the waterfront, with stores, cafes and restaurants, as well as the beautiful Aqua Paradise water park. Many complexes offer swimming pools, spa treatments and massages;
  • Aivazovsky Park is a wonderful place for walks with a swimming pool. Nearby are the best spa centers of the city and luxury resort complexes, which makes it an ideal vacation spot for those who appreciate comfort in all its manifestations. Everything in this place contributes to active rest and pleasant entertainment, including a famous water park, many expensive restaurants, cozy cafes and stores;
  • Victoria Residences is a complex of gated communities where it is possible to rent out housing, as there are always many people who want to rent an apartment in this area. Comfortable two-storey mansions and townhouses with individual courtyards are especially attractive and in demand for buyers with children. Kids will feel completely safe and secure in this place.
  • Majestic Sea Village is a modern complex of premium cottages recently built right on the coast.

Pomorie is a great place to buy real estate. There are various amenities including restaurants, stores, sports facilities and medical services. There are also other interesting places to visit nearby.

Why  people  move to Pomorie

This city has numerous advantages for buying real estate:

  • status of  the best resort in Bulgaria;
  • clean nature;
  • comfortable Mediterranean climate;
  • developed infrastructure;
  •  clean warm sea;
  • prospects of obtaining a visa or permanent residence status for legal stay in the country.

Buying a house  in Pomorie is an excellent investment. Here you can buy real estate on the coastline, near resort complexes, away from busy centers, near shopping malls, in the suburbs and so on.

Offers of Just Balkan Property

The range of offers to buy real estate in Pomorie is constantly growing. Our agency helps with the choice, the catalog contains actual variants of housing, which can be selected taking into account the layout, area, number of rooms, number of floors, availability of communications, etc.

Just Balkan Property offers a wide range of services:

  • assistance in the selection of real estate in the resort area of Pomorie according to the clients' needs;
  • assistance in counseling;
  • legal support of the transaction, assistance with the execution of documents;
  • assistance in state and notary registration of the sale and purchase.If you have additional questions, please contact a consultant by phone, through the feedback form on the website. We can offer both budget studios and luxury apartments. To learn more about the prices of real estate in Pomorie, please visit the website of Just Balkan Property.