Sunny Beach Apartments

Sunny Beach is a Bulgarian resort, which is located 35 kilometers from Burgas and 90 kilometers from Varna. The local beaches have the international "Blue Flag" distinction for their environmental benefits, which attracts all those who wish to buy an apartment in Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is known for its sandy beaches, entertainment complexes, nightclubs and a wide selection of restaurants. The resort also offers many sports and recreational opportunities such as water sports, golf, tennis and much more. This resort is rightly considered a market leader in Just Balkan Property reviews.

Features of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Each season the resort is becoming more and more popular due to its location, comfortable climate, availability of all modern amenities, clean air and a large number of entertainment venues.

Sunny Beach offers everything for a comfortable stay here:

  • the city has excellent transportation connections. By ferry or tourist ship you can get to the resorts of Bulgaria, Greece and other neighboring countries;
  • the resort is located far away from industrial areas, so the air is clean;
  • Sunny Beach is a rather young resort. All hotels, residential houses and complexes are decorated in Mediterranean style and were built since 1958, so there are no old emergency houses here;
  • the beaches, stretching for 8 km, have fine golden sand and a gentle shore, which makes them ideal for vacationing with children;
  • here you can choose and buy both budget and luxury apartments. Modern developers offer a wide range of options in different parts of the city.

Sunny Beach apartments can be bought both close to the sea and in the city center. If you carefully study the offers for sale, you will be able to find affordable accommodation.

Advantages of choosing an apartment in Sunny Beach

The unique nature and affordable prices for apartments in Sunny Beach Bulgaria make real estate in this region a good investment.

The advantages of buying an apartment in the most picturesque corner of the Balkans:

  • clean beaches and environment;
  • a wide range of apartments in different categories, including new buildings, secondary market, villas and private houses;
  • active trends in the real estate market guarantee a steady increase in prices for purchased properties;
  • costs for food, transportation and social infrastructure are moderate compared to more expensive resorts;
  • many apartment options are located near the sea, so you can buy an apartment overlooking the picturesque scenery.

This resort is suitable for everyone, both young people and retirees will be comfortable living here. The northern and southern part of the city is not as noisy as the center, so it will be more comfortable for families with children.

Why choose Just Balkan Property?

Just Balkan Property has been successfully selling apartments in Sunny Beach for many years. In our catalog you can find a large number of actual objects with photos, useful information and current prices. Our managers will consult you on all questions, help you with selection and help you to buy apartments in Sunny Beach right now. We will help each client to choose an apartment, conduct an inspection and provide support at all stages of cooperation - from apartment inspection to documentation.