Saint Vlas – apartments in the resort

Saint Vlas is a resort town on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. It attracts tourists with its clean beaches, picturesque nature and comfortable climate. You can buy an apartment in Saint Vlas for living or renting out. This is a good buy that will pay off quickly. The real estate market in Sveti Vlas is dominated by apartments. These are objects of various sizes with a different number of rooms. You can also find housing with new renovation, furniture and appliances. This is a great option for people who want to move in quickly or rent out apartments.

Prices for apartments in Saint Vlas

The cost of an apartment in Saint Vlas depends on the following factors:

  • Distance to the sea. There is an unspoken rule in the real estate market in Bulgaria - "the closer to the sea, the more expensive." The most expensive will be the objects located on the first line from the sea. As you get further from the beach, prices will drop slightly.
  • Floor. Housing prices largely depend on the floor. An apartment on the ground floor will be the cheapest, and the high floor apartment with a seaview will be more expensive.
  • Apartment size and number of rooms. The larger the property, the higher its value. On average, the price for 1 m2 of living space in Sveti Vlas ranges from 950 to 1200 euros. A one-room apartment by the sea today can be purchased for 35-38 thousand euros. Two-room options cost from 49 thousand euros, and three-room ones - from 72 thousand euros.
  • Condition and equipment. You will have to pay extra for apartments with a new renovation and expensive furniture. However, such properties have their advantages: they are ready for immediate occupancy and do not require additional investments.

Our company works individually with each client. Call the contact phone number and we will find an apartment for you in accordance with the established budget.

Why is it a promising choice?

Real estate in St. Vlas is very promising. This is a quiet town with a comfortable climate, gentle sea and beautiful views of the mountains. Every year it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Therefore, buying an apartment here is a profitable investment. It can be rented both daily and for a long period. Over time, the rent will fully pay for the cost of the apartment.

Most of the offers for the sale of real estate in Sveti Vlas are secondary housing. This apartment is renovated, requiring minimal investment. Some of them are equipped with furniture and household appliances. Therefore, they are ready for immediate occupancy by new owners or tenants. There are fewer offers in the primary market. They require repair and are not furnished.

Also, the prospect of apartments in St. Vlas is caused by  the development of infrastructure in the town. The need for new playgrounds, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. is increasing with the influx of tourists. Entrepreneurs are happy to invest in this resort town, so there is everything necessary for a comfortable life.

Benefits of Just Balkan Property Agency

The website of Just Balkan Property presents the most advantageous offers for the sale of apartments in Sveti Vlas. For your convenience, there are special filters with which you can sort objects by the number of rooms, distance from the sea, price, etc. You can also contact our specialists who will take into account your wishes and help you make a choice. We cooperate only with trusted developers and apartment owners. All transactions are carried out in cooperation with our experienced lawyer. Therefore, you can fully trust us in resolving the issue of buying property in Bulgaria.