Features of secondary housing in Bulgaria

Secondary housing occupies a large part of the real estate market in Bulgaria. The popularity of such objects is determined by several factors. Many customers consider them more reliable and safer than new buildings. Also the opportunity to move into finished housing, with repairs and furniture is captivating. Another reason to buy resale property in Bulgaria is affordable prices.

The secondary market consists of the following offers:

  • Apartments in a new housing stock. They are located in residential complexes built in the 2000s. These apartments are distinguished by the use of modern building technologies, excellent energy savings, low utility and maintenance costs. Such objects make up a large part of the secondary market in Bulgaria.
  • Apartments in the old housing stock. These are mostly brick houses that were built in the 90s using the technologies of that time. Such real estate is very popular among customers who decide to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence. The number of offers is much less, and you can find profitable ones, for example, in Nessebar.

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Advantages of the secondary housing market in Bulgaria

Objects that are represented on the secondary real estate market in Bulgaria have the following advantages:

  • readiness to move in - most apartments have been renovated to a high standard, they have furniture and even some household appliances;
  • affordability - the secondary housing usually costs less than new buildings, and its cost starts from 30 thousand euros;
  • minimal investment risks - due to the fact that the object has already been built and put into operation, the customer can freely enter into ownership;
  • well-established infrastructure – around such objects there is everything necessary for a comfortable life: supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, recreation areas, medical facilities, etc.;
  • simple procedure for paperwork - you will spend a minimum of time and effort on paperwork. In addition, transactions in our company are accompanied by an experienced lawyer;
  • low costs for arrangement - when buying an apartment in the secondary market, you will significantly save money on its arrangement.

You can find a profitable offer in almost any city in Bulgaria, including Sunny Beach, Elenite, St. Vlas, Nessebar, etc.

Prices of secondary housing in Bulgaria

Prices for resale in Bulgaria depend on many factors. This is the location, type of property, number of rooms, area, landscaping of the surrounding area, etc. The average cost for secondary housing is 800–1000 euros. It is quite possible to buy a small apartment with furniture and appliances on 3–4 lines from the sea for 30 thousand euros. For those who wish  to settle on the first line from the sea, housing will cost about 45-50 thousand. If you need an inexpensive apartment, we will be happy to select the best options in accordance with the budget and wishes.

Why Choose Just Balkan Property

Just Balkan Property company deals with the sale and resale of real estate in Bulgaria. We work in the most popular resort cities of the country. Our catalog contains a large selection of secondary market objects. You can get acquainted with the options presented, as well as get advice from qualified specialists. We carry out a full cycle of the transaction - from meeting the buyer at the airport to handing over the keys. Thanks to cooperation with our company, buying a property will be a pleasant and easy process for you!