After choosing, booking a living space, discussing its cost, method and terms of all payments, the first deposit is made and a preliminary agreement is concluded between the seller and the buyer. This primary document contains all the terms of the transaction and protects both parties.

Next comes the full payment for the selected property and the execution of a notary deed on the entry of the buyer into the rights of the owner. The seller pays for the preparation of documents involved in the transaction. The buyer pays for the registration of the notarial deed.

Both individuals and legal entities can buy property in Bulgaria without the right to own a land plot for building . For the first you need a passport, for the second - the constituent documents of a Bulgarian company (to acquire the status of a legal entity in Bulgaria, it is necessary to register a company in the country. The procedure is not complicated, takes from 3 to 5 working days and requires minimum of documents).

Only Bulgarian legal entities have the right to purchase a building land plot (in such cases, foreign legal entities and individuals can be founders).

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