It is very important to decide before purchasing real estate in Bulgaria - will it be an apartment for yourself or for rent? Because in the first and second cases there will be different criteria for selecting an object.

If you want to buy property in Bulgaria in order to rent it out, then you must start from the profitability of such an investment first of all. Apartments in resorts on the sea coast are in demand mostly:

  • high season (June to August)
  • in areas with developed infrastructure and as close as possible to the sea and beaches
  • in well-known complexes that have been operating for more than a year (plus, in such residential complexes, unlike new ones, you can ask about the statistics of the settlement of past years)
  • in complexes that have agreements with tour operators
  • apart-hotels with a well-developed internal infrastructure - swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, bars, spa areas and shops
  • with a beautiful sea view
  • well-squared, spacious, freshly renovated, with new furniture, plumbing, etc.

The more items from this list are observed, the more attractive your apartments are for both individual tourists and tour operators.

How much can you rent out your property in Bulgaria?

It depends on the location and category of the complex, the season, the territory of the residential complex, the size and quality of the apartment. For example, renting a small studio during the season, depending on the above factors, can cost an average of about 1000 EUR per month. And large premium or luxury apartments - 2000-2500 EUR per month.

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