To buy property in Bulgaria, you need to choose an apartment, check its legality, reserve it, conclude a preliminary contract, sign a notarial deed of purchase and register the apartment.

So, what will this whole process look like in detail?

If you are already in Bulgaria, we can immediately meet and inspect the properties you are interested in live.

In other cases, we will discuss everything with you remotely (by phone and in instant messengers) - your wishes, characteristics of the living space, answer all arising questions send photo and video materials of existing objects. After you decide on the most suitable and suitable options online, we will be happy to show you everything live on the spot.

Next comes a discussion of the price of real estate, methods and terms of all payments for the repayment of the full cost, and direct booking of the object. At this stage, the first deposit  is paid, since the amount of the reservation deposit is from 2000 euros. Reservation with a fee is a guarantee that the apartments are immediately removed from the database of offers, and you are assigned the right to buy them. Also, the agreed value of the object remains unchanged for you.

At the same time, a primary contract is signed, drawn up individually for the terms of each transaction (depending on the method of payment) in Russian or Bulgarian, after which the verification of the legal purity of the subject of the transaction begins.

After that, you pay the full remaining amount and on the appointed date, together with the seller, sign a notarial deed for the purchase of real estate. A local notary is selected territorially - at the location of the property. This act indicates the entry into the rights of the owner.

After signing the notarial deed, you, as the new owner, must register your apartment in the Institute of Bulgarian Statistics (Bulstat) and the Municipal Tax Inspectorate (declare your property).

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